This summer just gone will always be seared in my memory as being one of the hottest, driest, but also most surprising because of the effect of the heat on my popup kitchens.

Although I was well aware of the effect of heat on metal and on wood, I had not banked on such a hot and dry summer, the extent of moisture left in the timber (despite having been dried properly), and the resulting amount of extra work this combination produced.

All was going well; my work surfaces were smooth, varnished, wood character retained, and ready for use. My ceiling was all beautifully wallpapered, ready for use. You can probably guess what happened next…


The wallpaper on the ceiling started to peel off, and the work surfaces cracked!

The summer was therefore spent fixing all that had gone wrong, but also realising that certain changes would have to be made as I move forward and create more Popup Kitchens.

This summer was hot and dry; it brought more work than I had anticipated. But it also allowed me to learn, adapt, and grow. And it was a lovely summer!