Here’s a story of hope, when different people come together to help those in need.
The picture above is of one of my (now former) caravans, the living/real/tangible/life-saving abode of a young lady in west Cornwall!

A few months ago I started putting flesh to the bones of a dream with a friend, the CEO of a charity, where we would create comfortable, practical, and inspiring caravan conversions for people at risk of becoming homeless, and those who have become homeless for less than 4 months.

For a while nothing was happening until, last week, I found myself towing this cosy pod down to Cornwall and prevent this woman from becoming homeless!

The tragedy of homelessness isn’t only those caught up in its vicious cycle, but to me far greater is the tragedy of those who could have been saved from that cycle but had nothing and nowhere to turn that we safe!

This is why this story is a story of hope: because when she called for help, I was able to help, but more importantly, others where there to provide the resting place for those wheels, and that she now has a community of people around her to help her flourish!

There is an undeniable emergency and need. But I have a solution, and You all have the means (financial or otherwise) to help transform that into another story of hope! .
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