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Bypassing homelessness!

Here's a story of hope, when different people come together to help those in need. The picture above is of one of my (now former) caravans, the living/real/tangible/life-saving abode of a young lady in west Cornwall! A few months ago I started putting flesh to the...

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This summer will forever be seared in my memory.

This summer just gone will always be seared in my memory as being one of the hottest, driest, but also most surprising because of the effect of the heat on my popup kitchens. Although I was well aware of the effect of heat on metal and on wood, I had not banked on...

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11 months later… “The Major” is now finished

11 months ago an adventure started: the rebuilding and conversion of "The Major". This is what is looked like when I first got hold of it... An ugly beast, or duckling. This caravan was in complete state. The only thing to be in good condition was the chasis and the...

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